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Machand Tech OF62 3000/S
First edition

  • This model makes a great addition to all kinds of factories, warehouses and other industrial environments that involve moving things.
  • It can be programmed to perform multiple movements – up to 100 different moves in a go.
  • It does not require any programming or coding skills and can move up to 75 pounds at once.
  • Provides statistics.

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Matrix 718A UM
Third edition

  • This model has been successful from the first edition, yet it has been through a few upgrades over the last few years – at the third edition now
  • It can move in a 360 degree radius and allows a series of pre-customized movements.
  • It can lift up to 50 pounds and it does not require any coding experience or skills – straightforward operation.
  • Provides statistics.

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Speed Line UTR 4500
Second edition.

  • This model is a sophisticated conveyor belt operating in multiple directions, at multiple speeds and even after a pre-programmed pattern
  • It allows multiple customization options and works perfectly with other robots in this segment.
  • It is a transition robot that can be customized to work in tandem with other robots – in terms of speed.
  • Provides statistics.

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Programming information

All of our robots are programmed in the same way – intuitive and straightforward operation.

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