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1What can I use your advanced robots for?
Our robots are designed to perform industrial tasks, so they make good additions to a plethora of different industries, businesses and companies. They are designed to move around, lift and relocate things or perform small tasks, such as turning things around, pushing them away or sorting them out.
2Can I rent a robot?
Our company provides robots for all budgets. In other words, you can rent a robot, but you can also buy one. Buying a robot is a more cost efficient option if you plan to use it for a long time. Renting is also an option and involves a deposit. It is up to you to do the math and figure which option is better.
3How many robots do you have?
Overtime, we have released nine robots. Today, we commercialize eight of them, with three of them being our superstars – latest and most advanced releases. However, we also provide solutions and parts for our first robots in case our past customers require anything. Our customer service is flawless.
4How can I program your robots?
Our robots are designed to be user friendly. Simply put, you do not require any coding or programming experience. Each robot comes with a control panel and a large LCD screen. All the options are there. Everything is displayed in our detailed manuals of instructions, yet the whole operation is quite intuitive.

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